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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 141

Ques No.1: Telephone was invented by __________.

Ans: Dr. Graham Bell

Ques No.2: ________ means loss of electron.

Ans: Oxidation

Ques No.3: _______ is CO2.

Ans: Dry ice

Ques No.4: The measurement of rainfall is made by an instrument known as ________.

Ans: Rain gauge

Ques No.5: Generators convert ___________.

Ans: mechanical energy into electric energy

Ques No.6: The important ore of Chromium is _______.

Ans: Chromite

Ques No.7: Speed of light is ___________

Ans: 300000 km/sec

Ques No.8: All of the oxygen that we breathe has been produces by the splitting of water during ____.

Ans: Photosynthesis

Ques No.9: Kitab-al-Manadhir was written by _________.

Ans: Ibn-al-Haisham

Ques NO.10: About _______ of the human body consists of water.

Ans: 60-70%

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