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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 139

Ques No.1: ________ is the mineral of Aluminium.

Ans: Bauxite

Ques No.2: The variation of blood flow can be heard thorough _________.

Ans: Sphygmomanometer

Ques No.3: _________ is the important source of iron.

Ans: Haematite (a mineral)

Ques No.4: The ore of mercury metal is ________.

Ans: Cinnabar

Ques No.5: _______ is not a Thermoplastic.

Ans: Bakelite

Ques No.6: The electrical device which converts sound energy into electrical energy is ________.

Ans: Microphone

Ques No.7: Abu ail Sina, Al Beruni, Ibn Al Haisham belonged to which _______.

Ans: 10th century

Ques No.8: The instrument specially designed for recording earthquake waves is called ________.

Ans: Seismograph

Ques No.9: The composition of the mixture used for welding is ___________.

Ans: Copper Oxide and Aluminium

Ques No.10: The alloy consisting of metals copper, zinc and nickel is called ________

Ans: Paktong/Alpaca/Nickel Silver/German Silver

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