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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 135

Ques No.1: ________ is a form of igneous rock.

Ans: Granite

Ques No.2: The solar system has _________.

Ans: 8 planets

Ques No.3: The movement of food through oesophagus is by the muscular action is known as _________.

Ans: Peristalsis

Ques No.4: __________ is Vitamin C.

Ans: Ascorbic Acid

Ques No.5: The brown colour of rust is because of __________.

Ans: Oxidation of iron/formation of iron oxide

Ques No.6: Glass is called _______.

Ans: Silica

Ques No.7: Curie is a unit of ___________.

Ans: Radioactivity

Ques No.8: ___________ has the shortest wave length.

Ans: Blue colour

Ques No.9: ________ is a metamorphic rock.

Ans: Marble

Ques No.10: The main constituent of _________.

Ans: Sui gas is Methane

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