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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 126

Ques No.1: Hepatitis is the __________.

Ans: inflammation of liver

Ques No.2: Hypo is a solution of _____________.

Ans: sodium thiosulphate

Ques No.3: _________ are a plant that grows upon another plant.

Ans: Epiphytes

Ques No.4: Purest form of iron is __________.

Ans: Wrought Iron

Ques No.5: Trout is not a ________.

Ans: sea fish

Ques No.6: one of the countries through which equator passes is ________.

Ans: Kenya

Ques No.7: ____________ do not contain filaments made of copper.

Ans: Modern incandescent bulbs

Ques No.8: pH of blood is ________.

Ans: 7.3-7.4

Ques No.9: Generators convert mechanical energy into __________.

Ans: electricity

Ques No.10: Richter scale measures the severity of _________.

Ans: Earthquake

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