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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 124

Ques No.1: ________ is used against moulds and fungi.

Ans: Fungicide

Ques No.2: Abu ail Sina born in ______.

Ans: Iraq

Ques No.3: _________ is a hypothetical region of space having a gravitational pull so great that no mater or radiation can escape from it.

Ans: Black hole

Ques No.4: Al Beruni died in ________.

Ans: 1048 A.D

Ques No.5: Typhoid is caused by ___________.

Ans: Salmonella Typhosa

Ques No.6: Our eye is very sensitive to __________.

Ans: blue light

Ques No.7: Malaria is caused by _________.

Ans: Plasmodium

Ques No.8: Ideally water can be used as a car fuel after __________.

Ans: electrolysis

Ques No.9: _________ is the rearing and breeding of birds.

Ans: Aviculture

Ques No.10: The speed of light is nearly ___________.

Ans: 300, 0000 km/sec

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