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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 122

Ques No.1: True or false? Dinosaur fossils have been found on every continent of Earth.

Ans: True

Ques No.2: True or false? A concave shape bends inwards.

Ans: True

Ques No.3: What type of dinosaur features on the logo of the Toronto based NBA basketball team?

Ans: Raptor (Velociraptor)

Ques No.4: How many points are there on a pentagram?

Ans: 5

Ques No.5: True or false? Most dinosaurs became extinct during an event taht occurred 500 years ago.

Ans: False (65 million years ago)

Ques No.6: The internal angles of an equilateral triangle all measure how many degrees?

Ans: 60

Ques No.7: Apatosaurus is also widely known by what other name?

Ans: Brontosaurus

Ques No.8: True or false? A parallelogram features three pairs of parallel sides.

Ans: False (two)

Ques No.9: Did Theropods such as Allosaurus and Carnotaurus move on two legs or four?

Ans: Two

Ques No.10: How many sides does a hexagon have?

Ans: 6

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