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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 100

Ques No.1: Governments and Corporations issue bonds to

Ans: Borrow Money

Ques No.2: Regular interest payment to the bond holders is called

Ans: Coupon

Ques NO.3: At maturity the bond holders get back their principle. The principle is called

Ans: Face value

Ques No.4: Any economic resource that can produce economic value to the holder is called

Ans: Asset

Ques No.5: A collection of assets held by an investor is called

Ans: Portfolio

Ques NO.6: The risk of a well-diversified portfolio depends on the_______of the securities included in the portfolio.

Ans: Market Risk

Ques No.7: The contribution of an individual security to the risk of a well-diversified portfolio is measured by?

Ans: Beta

Ques No.8: The sensitivity of an asset to the market movements is called

Ans: Beta

Ques No.9: The average beta of all stocks in a market is

Ans: 1

Ques No.10: If the daily prices of a stock on 20 and 21 January are 90 and 100 respectively, then what is the daily rate of return?

Ans: 11.11%

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