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China’s Chairmen of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress from 1954 to date

Ques No.1: Liu Shaoqi

Ans: 15th September, 1954 to 28th April, 1959

Ques No.2: Zhu De

Ans: 28th April, 1959 to 06th July, 1976

Ques No.3: Song Qingling

Ans: 06th July, 1976 to 05th March, 1978

Ques No.4: Ye Jianying

Ans: 05th March, 1978 to 18th June, 1983

Ques No.5: Peng Zhen

Ans: 18th June, 1983 to 13th April, 1988

Ques No.6: Wan Li

Ans: 13th April, 1988 to 27th March, 1993

Ques No.7: Qiao Shi

Ans: 27th March, 1993 to 15th March, 1998

Ques No.8: Li Peng

Ans: 15th March, 1998 to 15th March, 2003

Ques No.9: Wu Bangguo

Ans: 15th March, 2003 to 14th March, 2013

Ques No.10: Zhang Dejiang

Ans: 14 March, 2013 to 17th March, 2018

Ques No.11: Li Zhanshu

Ans: 17th March, 2018 to date.

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