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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 298

This is the 298 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from Detroit city, USA, Belgian Border, Glasgow city, Greenwich, London, UNO, International Court, Justice, Havana Capital and Hawaii Island.

Ques No.1: Detroit a city of USA is famous for

Ans: Car manufacturing

Ques No.2: Name the French port on the English Channel near the Belgian border

Ans: Dunkirk

Ques No.3: Name the city where European head office of UN is located.

Ans: Geneva

Ques No.4: Gettysburg of USA is historically an important city because of

Ans: Civil War

Ques No.5: Glasgow city is famous because

Ans: Biggest ship building center

Ques No.6: Greenwich, a city of London is famous for

Ans: Calculating the time of all the countries

QUes NO.7: Name the city which is a seat of UNO international Court of Justice.

Ans: Hague

Ques No.8: Havana Capital of Cuba is famous for

Ans: Cigar manufacturing

Ques No.9: Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii Island is famous for

Ans: Tourist resort

Ques No.10: Which city of United States is famous for film making?

Ans: New York


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