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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 294

This is the 294 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from Solar System, Sun, Planet, Carbon Dioxide, East, West and Satellites.

Ques No.1: In which of the solar system is the sun located?

Ans: Approximately at the center of the system

Ques No.2: Which planet contains largest quantity of carbon dioxide i.e. 95%?

Ans: Venus

Ques No.3: How many times is the sun bigger in size than the earth?

Ans: 109 times

Ques NO.4: The temperature at the surface of the sun and its center is respectively about

Ans: 6000 K and 20 million K

Ques No.5: The sun consists mostly of

Ans: Hydrogen

Ques No.6: Whic of the following planets reflects back to space the highes percentage of light it receives from the sun than any other planet of the solar system?

Ans: Venus

Ques No.7: All of the following planets have lesser diameter than the earth, except

Ans: Jupiter

Ques No.8: Which of the following planets takes very nearly the same time for a rotation on its own axis as does the earth?

Ans: Mars

Ques No.9: The only planet in the solar system which rotates on its axis from East to West is

Ans: Uranus

Ques No.10: The largest number of natural satellites (or moons) that any one of the planets of the solar system has is

Ans: 63 (mid 2006)

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