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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 278

This is the 278 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from Water fall, Great Bear, Caspean Sea, World’s largest lake, Ontario lake, Michigan lake, Caspian Sea, Turkey, Saltiest lake, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Ques No.1: Sloeskan is the name of water-fall where is it situated

Ans: USA

Ques No.2: What is "Great Bear"?

Ans: Lake

Ques No.3: What is the total area of world's largest lake Caspean Sea?

394,299 sq.km

Ques No.4: Randeer is the name of lake, situated in

Ans: Canada

Ques No.5: Ontario lake is situated in

Ans: Canada

Ques No.6: Michigan lake is located in

Ans: USA

Ques No.7: Which of the following countries are situated around the lake Caspian Sea?

Ans: Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan

Ques No.8: Which one of the following lakes is situated in Turkey?

Ans: Wann Lake

Ques No.9: Which is the saltiest lake of the world?

Ans: Dead Sea

Ques No.10: Which lake is located in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda?

Ans: Lake Victoria


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