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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 265

This is the 265 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from Rivers, New York, Nile River, River Skeena, Rome, Italy, River Darling, Red River and Europe continent.

Ques No.1: Which of the following rivers crosses the Equator twice

Ans: Congo

Ques No.2: Which of the following rivers flowing through Pakistan has the source of origin in that country itself

Ans: None of the above

Ques No.3: Which river is called the father of waters?

Ans: Indus

Ques No.4: On the bank of which river is New York situated?

Ans: River Hudson

Ques NO.5: Nile is the name of a

Ans: River

Ques No.6: River Skeena flows through

Ans: North America

Ques No.7: Rome is the capital of Italy is located beside the river

Ans: Tiber

Ques No.8: River Darling flows through

Ans: Australia

Ques No.9: Red River is present in

Ans: USA

Ques No.10: Which is the second longest river in Europe continent?

Ans: Danube

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