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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 252

This is the 252 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from United Nations, UNO, International Court, Oldest University, Security Council, Indonesia, European Union’s and NATO.

Ques No.1: The United Nations was founded on

Ans: October 24, 1945

Ques No.2: Which country from the following is NOT the member of UNO?

Ans: Vatican City

Ques No.3: The International Court of Justice is located in

Ans: The Hague

Ques No.4: The Great Wall of China is about______________KM long.

Ans: 21,196

Ques No.5: The oldest university in the world is

Ques No.5: The oldest university in the world is

Ques No.6: There are_____________non-permanent members of the security council.

Ans: 10

Ques No.7: The currency of Indonesia is

Ans: Rupiah

Ques No.8: The D-8 is an organization of eight_____________countries.

Ans: Developing

Ques No.9: The European Union's working capital is in

Ans: Brussels

Ques No.10: The headquarter of NATO is located in

Ans: Brussels

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