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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 249

This is the 249 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from longest land border, Largest island, Largest archipelagic country, Indonesia, Maldives, Land of the Midnight Sun, Rainbow National and Netherlands.

Ques No.1: The world's longest land border between the two countries is the border between

Ans: US and Canada

Ques No.2: The world's largest island is

Ans: Greenland

Ques No.3: Which country is the largest archipelagic country in the world?

Ans: Indonesia

Ques No.4: Indonesia is a country with around_____________islands.

Ans: 13,000

Ques NO.5: The most dispersed country in the world is

Ans: Maldives

Ques NO.6: The Maldives is spread over_____________km2.

Ans: 90,000

Ques NO.7: Maldives, a country in Asia, is consist of around____________islands.

Ans: 1192

Ques NO.8: Which country is also called the "Land of the Midnight Sun"?

Ans: Norway

Ques NO.9: Which country is also called "Rainbow Nation"?

Ans: South Africa

Ques No.10: "Netherlands" literally means

Ans: Lower countries

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