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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 229

This is the 229 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from China, First Governor General of Pakistan, Smallest Continent, Most populous continent, Largest Road, Tunnel, Largest Cotton Producer, Largest Fish catching, Fastest flying bird, Largest fish and First Woman President.

Ques No.1: The first President of the Chinese Republic.

Ans: Sun Yat Sen

Ques No.2: The first Governer-General of Pakistan.

Ans: Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Ques No.3: Smallest Continent

Ans: Australia

Ques No.4: Most populous continent

Ans: Asia

Ques No.5: Largest road tunnel

Ans: Yerba Buena Island Tunnel, San Francisco, California, USA

Ques No.6: Largest cotton producer

Ans: China

Ques No.7: Largest fish catching country

Ans: China

Ques No.8: Fastest flying bird

Ans: The peregrine falcon

Ques No.9: Largest Fish

Ans: Whale Shark

Ques No.10: First Woman President

Ans: Isabel Peron of Argentina

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