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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 222

This is the 222 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from Battle of Salamis, Spartan War, Spartan War-II, Syrian Army, 1618 AD, Political, Civil War, Parliament, British and French.

Ques No.1: Battle of Salamis was fought between the Athenian fleet and Persian fleet Persian fleet was defeated. When was the battle fought?

Ans: 408 BC

Ques NO.2: Spartan War I was fought in 459 BC between Sparta and Athens. For how long the war last

Ans: 30 years

Ques No.3: Who was defeated in Spartan War-II fought in 431 BC?

Ans: Athenians

Ques No.4: In 190 BC a battle was fought between Syrians and Romans. Syrian Army was defeated. Name the battle?

Ans: Battle of Magnesia

Ques No.5: Hundred-Year War was fought in 1338 AD. 1453 AD. between

Ans: France and England

Ques No.6: Started in 1618 AD. as a religious-cum-political was between the Lutherans and Catholics Germany and developed into an international is known as:

Ans: Thirty years war

Ques No.7: A Civil War between Cavaliers (King Charles I supporters) and forces of Parliament lead by Cromwell in which King Charles I was executed, was fought between

Ans: 1642 AD.____1649 AD.

Ques No.8: In which battle the Dutch defeated Spaniards and Portuguese in 1607 AD?

Ans: Battle of Gibraltar Bay

Ques No.9: Battle of the NIle in which British and French fleets met Britain was victorious. When was fought?

Ans: 1798 AD.

Ques No.10: In 1805 British fleet defeated French and Spanish fleet. The British fleet was commanded Admiral Nelson who was killed during battle. We are talking about_____

Ans: Battle of Trafalgar

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