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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 220

This is the 220 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from Germany, Austrai, Prussia, Russia, First China War, Britain, Boston Tea Party, Phony War, Japan, 1st World War, American War and Independence.

Ques No.1: Germany and Combined forces of Austria, Prussia and Russia defeated Napoleon in 1813 A the Battle?

Ans: Battle of Leipzig

Ques NO.2: First China War fought (1839-42 A.D.) between China and Britain is known as_______

Ans: Opium Was

Ques No.3: Boston Tea Party is associated with

Ans: American Independence

Ques No.4: "Phony War" is associated with the invasion by_______

Ans: Germany of Norway and Denmark

Ques No.5: Russia and Japan fought a War in 1903 AD. Russia was defeated. The War is called______

Ans: Russ-Japanese War

Ques No.6: The murder of Archduke Ferdinand, the heir to Austrain throne became the immediate cause of whcih war?

Ans: World War-I

Ques No.7: 1st World War continued for________

Ans: 4 years

Ques No.8: Germany was defeated by England in a vaval battle fought in 1916. Name the battle________

Ans: Battle of Jutland

Ques No.9: After the World War-II, Germany was divided into East Germany and West Germany: West Germany was given under the control of_______

Ans: France, England and USA

Ques No.10: Why American War of Independence broke out?

Ans: Unjustified and oppressive controls and checks imposed on Trade by Britain

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