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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 218

This is the 218 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from British airways, Cathy Pacific, Emirates airlines, Gulf countries airline, Japan airline, Air Garudu airline, Lufthansa airline, Oman airline, Qatar’s airline and Singapore’s airline.

Ques No.1: "British Airway" is the airline of_________

Ans: British

Ques No.2: "Cathy Pacific" is the airline of_______

Ans: Hong Kong

Ques No.3: "Emirates Airlines" is the airline of________

Ans: U.A.E

Ques No.4: Gulf contries airline is known as________

Ans: Gulf Air

Ques No.5: Which of the following is Japan Airline?

Ans: Gulf JAL

Ques NO.6: Air Garuda airline is related to_________

Ans: Indonesia

Ques No.7: "Lufthansa" is the airline of_________

Ans: Germany

Ques No.8: Name the Oman airline?

Ans: Oman Air

Ques No.9: Qatar's airline belongs to________

Ans: Qatar Airways

Ques No.10: Singapore's airline is known as________

Ans: Singapore Airine

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