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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 21

This is the 21st section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from Nawai-e-waqt, Sindh Province, India, Elections, Muslim League and Minisries.

Ques No.1: During Pakistan Movement from where a secret newspaper nawai-e-waqt was published?

Ans: Calcutta

Ques No.2: Sindh province is called?

Ans: Bab-ul-Islam

Ques No.3: When the elections were held in India under Act of 1935?

Ans: 1935-36

Ques No.4: Congress won less than 50 percent seats in elections of?

Ans: 1939

Ques No.5: In elections of 1936-37 out of 419 Muslim seats the Muslim League captured?

Ans: 90 Seats

Ques No.6: In elections of 1936-37 the Congress got clear majorities in five provinces. Namely Madras, united Provinces Central Provinces, Orissa and?

Ans: Sindh

Ques No.7: After the elections of 1936-37, congress also formed ministries in?

Ans: Sindh

Ques No.8: After election of 1936-37, congress formed ministries in provinces?

Ans: Six

Ques No.9: When Muslim League changed its course to the struggle of "full independence in the form of a federation of free democratic states in which the rights and interests of the Muslims and other minorities were adequately and effectively safeguarded in the constitution"?

Ans: Lucknow session of 1937

Ques No.10: The legislative assemblies of the Congress-governed provinces proceedings were opened with a recital of?

Ans: Vande Mataram

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