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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 201

This is the 201 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from Airports, Nobel Prize, Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Foundation, Physics, Germany and Willeum Von Rontegen.

Ques No.1: How many airports are there in the world?

Ans: 49024

Ques No.2: Which country has the maximum numbers of airports in the world?

Ans: USA

Ques No.3: How many airports are there in Pakistan?

Ans: 42

Ques No.4: Which airport in the world has the maximum turnovers of passengers?

Ans: Atlanta

Ques No.5: In which year was the Nobel Prize instituted?

Ans: 1901

Ques No.6: Which country awards the Nobel Prize?

Ans: Sweden

Ques No.7: Who won first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901?

Ans: Wilhelm Von Rontegen

Ques No.8: From what invention did Alfred Nobel make his fortune?

Ans: Dynamite

Ques No.9: With what amount was the Nobel Foundation set up?

Ans: 3,200,000 Pound

Ques No.10: First Nobel prize in Physics was won by Willeum Von Rontegen of Germany in 1901 on discovery of

Ans: X-rays

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