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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 191

This is the 191 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from Colonel Jacob Schick, USA, Duke Wellington, Earl Derby, Marquis Salisbury, Boxing, National Park, Russia, Germany, Language, Nobel Prizes and Greek Mathematician.

Ques No.1: Chogori is better know by what boring name

Ans: K2

Ques No.2: Colonel Jacob Schick invented what in 1928 in USA

Ans: Electric Razor

Ques No.3: What links Duke Wellington, Earl Derby, Marquis Salisbury

Ans: UK Prime Ministers

Ques No.4: In 1996 which Celine Dion album Grammy album of year

Ans: Falling into You

Ques No.5: What weight is the lightest in Amateur Boxing

Ans: Light Flyweight

Ques No.6: Which country has the worlds biggest (on land) National Park

Ans: Canada – Wood Buffalo 17300s ml

Ques No.7: What language speakers were shot Russia and Germany 1930s

Ans: Esperanto

Qeus No.8: Ronald Ross campaigned for the destruction of what

Ans: Mosquitoes - stop malaria

Ques No.9: Who won two Nobel prizes in different fields

Ans: Marie Curie Physics 1903 Chemistry 1911

Ques No.10: Name 3rd cent BC Greek mathematician wrote The Elements

Ans: Euclid

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