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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 190

This is the 190 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from North Fork Roe River, US State, James Ritty, Novel Tom Jones, Millionaires, Metropolitans, Black Hawks, Silver Seven and Earthquake.

Ques No.1: Evidence of what alternative treatment found in 5300 mummy

Ans: Acupuncture

Ques No.2: North Fork Roe River - worlds shortest - which US state

Ans: Montana

Ques No.3: In 1879 James Ritty invented what

Ans: Cash Register

Ques No.4: Who wrote the novel Tom Jones in 1749

Ans: Henry Fielding

Ques No.5: What links Millionaires, Metropolitans, Black Hawks, Silver seven

Ans: Stanley Cup winners Ice Hockey

Ques No.6: What country - largest earthquake of 20th cent 8.6 Richter 1906

Ans: Colombia

Ques No.7: The okapi belongs to what family of animals

Ans: Giraffe

Ques No.8: Dimitri Mendeleyev is credited with the discover of what

Ans: Periodic Table

Ques No.9: What feature of a triangle makes it scalene

Ans: Different side lengths

Ques No.10: Taphophobia is fear of what

Ans: Buried Alive

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