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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 186

This is the 186 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from Literary Prize, Fitzroy, Essenden, Collingswood, Carlton, The Rivers, Grapes of Wrath, USA, airports, Walter Hunt, Fredrick Sanger and Medical Life.

Ques No.1: If you suffered from tantartism what would you be doing

Ans: Dancing Mania

Ques No.2: Which literary prize started in 1968

Ans: Booker McConnell

Ques No.3: What links Fitzroy, Essenden, Collingswood and Carlton

Ans: Aussie rules football teams

Ques No.4: What countries people spend most private money on recreation

Ans: Taiwan's

Ques No.5: What links The Reivers, Grapes of Wrath, Humboldt’s Gift

Ans: Pulitzer Prize winners

Ques No.6: USA has most airports which country has second most

Ans: Australia

Ques No.7: In 1829 Walter Hunt invented what common item

Ans: Safety Pin

Ques No.8: Fredrick Sanger discovered which medical life saver

Ans: Insulin

Ques No.9: Who invented punched cards used in early computing 1880s

Ans: Herman Hollerith

Ques No.10: Why did Roselin Franklin (pre discovered dna helix) no Nobel

Ans: She was dead

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