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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 181

This is the 181 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from Norse God Thor’s Hammer, Disney’s first cartoon, Medication discovered, Beau Geste, Aladdin’s father, American State, Olympic Marathon, China and Bride Traditionally Wear.

Ques No.1: What was the name of Norse God Thor's hammer

Ans: Mjolnir

Ques No.2: Who ordered John the Baptists execution

Ans: King Herod

Ques No.3: What was Walt Disney's first cartoon character

Ans: Oswald the Rabbit

Ques No.4: What medication discovered in 1928 but introduced 1940

Ans: Penicillin

Ques No.5: Who wrote Beau Geste

Ans: PC Wren

Ques No.6: Prophesied the Chalus the Greek - Die on day - did of what

Ans: Laughing cos he was not dead

Ques No.7: Who is Aladdin's father

Ans: Mustapha the tailor

Ques No.8: What American state is the Badger state

Ans: Wisconsin

Ques No.9: Why was Fred Lorz disqualified 1904 Olympic marathon

Ans: Hitched a lift passing car

Ques No.10: In China what colour does the bride traditionally wear

Ans: Red

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