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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 158

This is the 158 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from European Country, Philosopher, Italy, England, Dr. Albert Southwick and religious.

Ques No.1: Which European country eats the most breakfast cereal

Ans: Britain

Ques No.2: Philosopher Jeremy Bentham has a very unusual pet - what

Ans: Tea Pot

Ques No.3: What country did Italy invade in 1935

Ans: Abyssinia - Ethiopia

Ques No.4: Who sang the title song in the film Grease

Ans: Frankie Valli

Ques No.5: What is produced in a ginnery

Ans: Cotton

Ques No.6: What was made illegal in England in 1439

Ans: Kissing

Ques No.7: What was invented by Dr Albert Southwick in 1881

Ans: Electric chair

Ques No.8: In which country are you most likely to die from a scorpion sting

Ans: Mexico (1000 a year)

Ques No.9: Who is the most filmed author

Ans: Shakespeare over 300

Ques No.10: Excluding religious works what is the worlds top selling book

Ans: Guinness Book of Record

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