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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 146

This is the 146 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from Gangsters George Nelsons, Jayne Wyman, Drink, Anniversary, Mona Lisa and International Crime.

Ques No.1: What was gangsters George Nelsons nickname

Ans: Baby Face

Ques No.2: Whose first wife was actress Jayne Wyman

Ans: Ronald Regan

Ques No.3: In MASH what is Radars favourite drink

Ans: Grape Knee High

Ques No.4: What do you give on the third wedding anniversary

Ans: Leather

Ques No.5: What is a baby whale called

Ans: Calf

Ques No.6: In which film did the Rolls Royce have the number plate AU1

Ans: Goldfinger

Ques No.7: Vladamere Ashkenazy plays what musical instrument

Ans: Piano

Ques No.8: With which organ does a snake hear

Ans: Tongue

Ques No.9: On what is the Mona Lisa painted

Ans: Wood

Ques No.10: What is the second most common international crime

Ans: Art theft

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