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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 136

This is the 136 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from Earth, Machine, Animals, Actress, Country and Cinemas.

Ques No.1: Which sea on Earth has no beaches

Ans: Sargasso sea

Ques No.2: Reuben Tice died trying to invent a machine to do what

Ans: Dewrinkle prunes

Ques No.3: De Witt Wallace founded what

Ans: Readers Digest

Ques No.4: Who is the Patron Saint of thieves

Ans: St Nicholas

Ques No.5: According to his business card what job did Al Capone do

Ans: Sell second hand furniture

Ques No.6: Humans are 10,000 times more sexually active that what animal

Ans: Rabbits

Ques No.7: Shirley Schrift became famous as which actress

Ans: Shelly Winters

Ques No.8: In Kansas what can a waiter not do in a teacup (legally)

Ans: Serve wine

Ques No.9: Which country has the smallest birth rate

Ans: Vatican City

Ques No.10: Which 1956 film caused riots in cinemas

Ans: Rock around the clock

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