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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 109

This is the 109 section from General Knowledge. These questions and answers will be from African Queen, IMF, TV Series, Fruit and Bill Gates.

Ques No.1: If you had pogonophobia what would you be afraid of

Ans: Beards

Ques No.2: Who would take silk as part of their job

Ans: Barrister

Ques No.3: Who won an Oscar for the African Queen

Ans: Bogart

Ques No.4: Who sang the theme song in 9 to 5

Ans: Dolly Parton

Ques No.5: What in business terms is the IMF

Ans: International Monetary Fund

Ques No.6: Ringo Star narrates which children's TV series

Ans: Thomas the tank engine

Ques No.7: Which country grows the most fruit

Ans: China

Ques NO.8: Which company is owned by Bill Gates

Ans: Microsoft

Ques No.9: What would you do with a maris piper

Ans: Eat it - it’s a potato

Ques No.10: In Casablanca what is the name of the nightclub

Ans: Rick's

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