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FPSC Questions & Answers Section 35

This is the 35 section from FPSC. 

Ques NO.1: “Statue of Liberty” is located in

Ans. New York

Ques NO.2: Which is the capital of east Timor?

Ans. Dili

Ques NO.3: Johannesburg is famous for

Ans. Gold mines

Ques No.4: Which city of Iran has the biggest refinery of the world?

Ans. Abadan

Ques No.5: Waterloo is located in:

Ans. Belgium

Ques NO.6: Bethlehem is associated with:

Ans. Jesus Chnst

Ques NO.7: Diego Garcia is famous because it is a

Ans. US military base

Ques NO.8: The Yellow Stone national Park is in:

Ans. USA

Ques NO.9: “Tinanmen Square” is located in which of the following countries?

Ans. China

Ques NO.10: Cancun is a famous city of country

Ans. Mexico

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