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FPSC Questions & Answers Section 29

This is the 29 section from FPSC. 

Ques No.1: New name of Persia is___________


Ques No.2: Name the longest river of Pakistan

Ans. Indus

Ques No.3: ‘Ottawa convention 1997’ is related to:

Ans. Environment protection

Ques No.4: Mohenjodaro is located on the bank of

Ans. Indus River

Ques NO.5: What is Malakhra?

Ans. A game

Ques NO.6: The Headquarter of Organization of Islamic Conference is located in

Ans. Jeddah

Ques NO.7: Who has taken the highest number of wickets in test cricket?

Ans. M. Maralitharan

Ques NO.8: Which party won the elections of October 1990?

Ans. Islami Jamhoori Ittehad

Ques NO.9: Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan did his Ph.D. from leaven University of

Ans. Belgium

Ques No.10: Which Hockey team won the maximum numbers of World Cups?

Ans. Pakistan

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