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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 96

This is the 96 section from Food & Drink Trivia. These questions and answers will be from black cherries, fruits, drink, breakfast recipe, orange juice, eggs and corn.

Ques No.1: After poring through the recipes in my mom's old cookbook, I have decided to make a brunch dish for my breakfast. I am going to make a traditional clafoutis, so I will need a particular fruit. But, which fruit?

Ans: black cherries

Ques No.2: Where Might You Drink The Wine Retsina

Ans: Greece

Ques No.3: My mom's old cookbook has so many great recipes it is difficult to choose, but my interest has been caught by an unusual breakfast recipe from France. I will need buckwheat flour, salt and water - to make which dish?

Ans: Breton galette

Ques No.4: What Are The Ingredients Of A Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail

Ans: Vodka, Orange Juice, Galliano

Ques No.5: I found an amazing recipe in my mom's cookbook for a simple potato dish. It calls for mashed and grated potatoes, milk, flour and eggs. I know I have had this Irish treat before, but what is it called?

Ans: boxty

Ques No.6: What Is The Meaning Of The Term Julienne

Ans: Cut Into Thin Strips

Ques No.7: I am feeling adventurous, so I am going to try a new recipe from my mom's old cookbook. It is a basic Spanish omelette: For that, I will need only eggs, cheese and hot sauce.

Ans: False

Ques No.8: With What Food Might You Associate Arbroath

Ans: Smokies (Kippers)

Ques No.9: My mom's cookbook has an entire section labelled "Regional Cuisine", and I think I am going to try a Southern staple - grits. But, what grain is used in grits?

Ans: corn

Ques No.10: What Is A Boullabaisse

Ans: A French Fish Soup Or Stew

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