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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 95

This is the 95 section from Food & Drink Trivia. These questions and answers will be from vinegared rice, vitamin A, German sausage, cheese’s, okra, bhindi, ladies finger and egg.

Ques No.1: What is sushi made of?

Ans: Vinegared rice and a variety of other ingredients.

Ques No.2: A deficiency of what vitamin may lead to dry eyes and night blindness?

Ans: Vitamin A

Ques No.3: What is a bratwurst?

Ans: A type of German sausage.

Ques No.4: Nolan Bushnell, co-founder of Atari, also founded what pizza chain?

Ans: Chuck E. Cheese’s

Ques No.5: Which is the most expensive dessert in the world?

Ans: Strawberry Arnaud.

Ques No.6: What is the name of the meringue-based cake believed to have been created in honor of a Russian ballerina?

Ans: Pavlova

Ques No.7: What Are 'Ladies Finger' Better Known As

Ans: Okra Or Bhindi

Ques No.8: Originally from Quebec, what food comes from the local french slang word for a “mess”?

Ans: Poutine

Ques No.9: What Is An Egg Plant

Ans: An Aubergine

Ques No.10: Most brands of of the liquor soju are made in which country?

Ans: South Korea

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