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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 92

This is the 92 section from Food & Drink Trivia. These questions and answers will be from pastry, chocolate, tea, burgamot oil, shredded wheat, bread and pasta.

Ques No.1: Popular in France (and elsewhere too), the pain au chocolat is, as you'd expect, a chocolate pastry. But where is the chocolate part of a pain au chocolat?

Ans: On the inside

Ques No.2: If A Sparkling Wine Is Labelled As 'Brut' How Will It Taste

Ans: Dry

Ques No.3: Muesli is one of those staple breakfast foods that was a relatively recent invention by most standards. What nationality was Maximilian Bircher-Benner, the man responsible for creating muesli in the first place?

Ans: Swiss

Ques No.4: What Would You Be Drinking If You Were Given Earl Grey

Ans: Tea

Ques No.5: Despite its significant popularity in the Americas, the humble bagel has its origins in which European country?

Ans: Poland

Ques No.6: What Is Used To Give Earl Grey It's Distinctive Flavour

Ans: Burgamot Oil

Ques No.7: There's nothing like a bowl of porridge, though. Many variations on it exist (both sweet and savoury), so can you pick out which of these is NOT one of them?

Ans: Shredded wheat

Ques No.8: What Are Cos & Density Both Types Of

Ans: Lettuce

Ques No.9: If I offered you egg in the basket for breakfast, you could probably guess 50% of the main ingredients. What, generally speaking, constitutes the basket?

Ans: Bread

Ques No.10: What Is Ravioli

Ans: Pasta Parcels Filled With Meat Sauce

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