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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 90

This is the 90 section from Food & Drink Trivia. These questions and answers will be from toast, popular dish in Australia, fish, breakfast, vegetarians and cheese.

Ques No.1: Which bakery was the winner of 2016 “The Great Aussie Pie Competition?”

Ans: The Oven Crisp Bakery in Riverton, WA

Ques No.2: Incredibly, a crude version of toast was around in the Stone Age, and in order to make it, two types of grain were mixed together with a little water, before then being set on top of a hot fire. Which two grains helped make this early version of toast?

Ans: Wheat and barley

Ques No.3: Barramundi is a popular dish in Australia. What does it mean?

Ans: “Large-scaled river fish”

Ques No.4: Around 3000 B.C. the Egyptians were believed to have toasted bread for a reason, other than because they enjoyed eating it. Indeed food historians have long claimed that the Egyptians were trying to slow down which inevitable, natural process?

Ans: The growing of mould

Ques No.5: Vegemite on toast can be used as what?

Ans: Breakfast, lunch or anytime snake

Ques No.6: The Romans also toasted their bread, using it to reduce the acidity of which beverage?

Ans: Wine

Ques No.7: Vegemite on toast is a great alternative for vegetarians is it true?

Ans: Yes

Ques No.8: Keeping in mind the subject of the quiz, what was a medieval trencher?

Ans: A hunk of stale or toasted bread used as a makeshift dish or bowl to hold food

Ques No.9: Worcestershire sauce was invented by which country?

Ans: England

Ques No.10: What key ingredient would one have to add to toast in order to make Welsh rarebit?

Ans: Cheese

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