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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 3

This is the 03 section from Food & Drink Trivia. These questions and answers will be from Vegetables, Grapes, Green Sauce, Butter and Apples.

Ques No.1: Which Type Of Restaurant Popularized The Use Of Conveyor Belts

Ans: Sushi Restaurants

Ques No.2: What is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made seasoned vegetables and salt?

Ans: Kimchi

Ques No.3: Which Fruit Has Varieties Called Concord, Niagra And Muscat

Ans: Grapes

Ques No.4: Chimichurri is a green sauce that originated in what country?

Ans: Argentina

Ques No.5: What Do The Initials U.H.T Refer To In Relation To Milk

Ans: Ultra Heat Treated

Ques No.6: Magarine is sold as a replacement for what?

Ans: Butter

Ques No.7: What Does The Term 'A La Carte' Actually Mean

Ans: From The Menu

Ques No.8: The paperboard “Chinese takeout” box was invented in what country?

Ans: The United States

Ques No.9: What Name Is Given To Rough Cider Distilled From Withered Apples

Ans: Scrumpy

Ques No.10: The taste that allows us to taste savory foods is called what?

Ans: Umami

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