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Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers Section 100

This is the 100 section from Food & Drink Trivia. These questions and answers will be from fish dish, Chinese cooking, rum, coke and tomato.

Ques No.1: What Are Prunes

Ans: Dried Plums

Ques No.2: A poke bowl is a diced raw fish dish that originated in which U.S. state?

Ans: Hawaii

Ques No.3: What Is The Hemispherical Pan Used In Chinese Cooking

Ans: A Wok

Ques No.4: What “King” of golf lent his name to a mixture of iced tea and lemonade?

Ans: Arnold Palmer

Ques No.5: Where Did Worcester Sauce Originate From

Ans: India

Ques No.6: Which fast food restaurant chain once tested bubble gum broccoli as a children’s menu item?

Ans: McDonald’s

Ques No.7: What Tradionally Can You Eat When There Is An R In The Month

Ans: Oysters

Ques No.8: A Cuba Libre cocktail is made from what two main ingredients?

Ans: Rum and Coke

Ques No.9: What Does A Charcuterie Sell

Ans: Pork Products

Ques No.10: What fruit is thrown at the annual food fight festival held in Buñol, Spain?

Ans: Tomato

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