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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 73

This is the 73 section from Everyday Science. These questions and answers will be from Force, Temperature, Current, Heat, Pressure, Radioactivity, Atomic Energy, Voltage, Electric Potential Difference and Electric Charge.

Ques No.1: Force

Ans: Newton / Dyne

Ques No.2: Temperature

Ans: Kelvin / Celsius / Degree

Ques No.3: Current

Ans: Ampere

Ques No.4: Heat

Ans: Joule / Calorie / BTU

Ques No.5: Pressure

Ans: Pascal / Torr

Ques No.6: Radioactivity

Ans: Becquerel / Curie / Rutherford

Ques No.7: Atomic Energy

Ans: Rydberg / Joule

Ques No.8: Voltage:

Ans: Volt

Ques No.9: Electric Potential Difference

Ans: Volt

Ques No.10: Electric Charge

Ans: Coulomb

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