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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 70

This is the 70 section from Everyday Science. These questions and answers will be from AM Abbreviation, Amp Abbreviation, APTEC Abbreviation, ATM Abbreviation, AW Abbreviation, BIOS Abbreviation, BDS Abbreviation, BP Abbreviation, CAA Abbreviation and CABB Abbreviation.

Ques No.1: AM

Ans: Ante Maridiem (Before Noon/Midday)

Ques No.2: Amp

Ans: Ampere

Ques No.3: APTEC

Ans: All Pakistan Technology Engineers Council

Ques No.4: ATM

Ans: Automated Teller Machine (Banking)

Ques No.5: AW

Ans: Atomic Weight / Asia Watch

Ques No.6: BIOS

Ans: Basic Input Output System

Ques NO.7: BDS

Ans: Bachelor of Dental Surgery / Bomb Disposal Squad

Ques No.8: BP

Ans: Blood Pressure / Boiling Point / Bomb Disposal Squad

Ques No.9: CAA

Ans: Civil Aviation Authority

Ques No.10: CABB

Ans: Centre of Agriculture Biochemistry and Biotechnology

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