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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 65

This is the 65 section from Everyday Science. These questions and answers will be from Sun, Frequency, Vitamin A, Temperature, Blood Cells, Radioactivity and Electrical Energy.

Ques No.1: The Sun's mass is mainly consist of

Ans: Hydrogen

Ques No.2: The Sl unit of charge of

Ans: Coulomb

Ques No.3: Very High Frequency (VHF) have__________wavelengths.

Ans: Shorter

Ques No.4: Long-sight defect could be corrected by using________lens.

Ans: Convex

Ques No.5: Deficiency of Vitamin-A results in

Ans: Night blindness

Ques No.6: For a fixed mass of gas at constant temperature, if we decrease volume, the pressure will

Ans: Increase

Ques No.7: The lifespan of Red Blood Cells is________days.

Ans: 120

Ques No.8: The density of water is

Ans: 1g/cm3

Ques No.9: Radioactivity was discovered by

Ans: Becquerel

Ques No.10: A device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called

Ans: Battery

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