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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 47

This is the 47 section from Everyday Science. These questions and answers will be from Business, probability, Stock, Policy and Production.

Ques No.1: According to the MM proposition, dividend policy is

Ans: Irrelevant

Ques No.2: In portfolio analysis_______curves play an important role.

Ans: Hyperbola

Ques No.3: If stock increases, divided yield

Ans: Remains Same

Ques No.4: According to residual dividend policy, a firm should pay a dividend of all left over when

Ans: Positive NPV projects have been funded

Ques No.5: The value of probability is always between_________(inclusive).

Ans: 0 and 1

Ques No.6: The value of correlation is always between_________(inclusive).

Ans: -1 and 1

Ques No.7: If two firms in the same line of business merge together, it is called________merger.

Ans: Horizontal

Ques No.8: If two firms at different stages of production merge together, it is called______merger.

Ans: Vertical

Ques No.9: If two firms in unrelated line of business merge together, it is called________merger.

Ans: Conglomerate

Ques No.10: The measure for calculating how much two random variable change together is called

Ans: Covariance

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