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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 30

This is the 30 section from Everyday Science. These questions and answers will be from DNA, Rabies Vaccination, Penicillin, Genetic Laws, Solar System, Current Electricity and Telephone.

Ques No.1: Structure Of DNA:

Ans: Watson & Crick

Ques No.2: Rabies Vaccination:

Ans: Louis Pasteur

Ques No.3: Penicillin:

Ans: Alexander Fleming

Ques No.4: Genetic Laws of Heredity:

Ans: Mendel

Ques No.5: Vaccination Against Small Pox:

Ans: Edward Jenner

Ques No.6: Solar System:

Ans: Copernicus

Ques No.7: Current Electricity:

Ans: Volta

Ques No.8: Telephone:

Ans: Graham Bell

Ques No.9: Gramophone:

Ans: Thomas Edison

Ques No.10: Atomic Number:

Ans: Mosley

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