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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 189

This is the 189 section from Everyday Science. These questions and answers will be from Sulfuric Acid, Ammonia and Chemical element.

Ques No.1: True or false? Base solutions have a pH below

Ans: False

Ques No.2: True or false? Water is easy to compress.

Ans: False

Ques No.3: True or false? Sulfuric acid is known as a strong acid.

Ans: True

Ques No.4: When water is cooled, does it contract or expand?

Ans: Expandd

Ques No.5: True or false? Properties of acids include being corrosive and having a sour taste.

Ans: True

Ques No.6: True or false? Water boils at 00 degree Celsius (22 degrees Fahrenheit).

Ans: True

Ques No.7: True or false? Ammonia is an acid.

Ans: False

Ques No.8: Does water cover more or less than 50% of the Earth's surface?

Ans: More - Around 70%

Ques No.9: True or false? Bases change litmus paper to blue.

Ans: True

Ques No.10: True or false? Water is an example of a chemical element.

Ans: False

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