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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 151

This is the 151 section from Everyday Science. These questions and answers will be from Units, Ozone Layer, Bacteria and Sedimentary Rocks.

Ques No.1: Units of electricity consumed by 2500 watt air-conditioner in one hour are _______.

Ans: 2.5 units

Ques No.2: The phenomenon of ____________ the display of red and green lights in northern hemisphere is due to radiations from Ionosphere.

Ans: Aurora Borealis

Ques No.3: The meter installed in our homes measure electricity in ______.

Ans: KWh

Ques No.4: _________ prevents the ultraviolet radiation from entering the atmosphere.

Ans: Ozone layer

Ques No.5: One thousand watt power is called as _________.

Ans: 1 kilowatt

Ques No.6: Gypsum is a _________.

Ans: non-metallic mineral

Ques No.7: Bacteria help in the process of __________.

Ans: fermentation of biomass

Ques No.8: Sedimentary rocks are ______.

Ans: Porous

Ques No.9: Biogas is the common name of __________.

Ans: Natural Gas

Ques No.10: A moderator is used in nuclear reactor in order to __________.

Ans: slow down the speed of the neutrons

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