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Everyday Science Questions & Answers Section 129

This is the 129 section from Everyday Science. These questions and answers will be from Light, Mastication, Computer System and Carbohydrate.

Ques No.1: _________ carries data in the form of light.

Ans: Fibre optics cable

Ques No.2: Botanically a fruit is a ___________.

Ans: Ripened Ovary

Ques No.3: _________a steel gray corrosion resistant metal occur naturally in oxide state.

Ans: Vanadium

Ques No.4: Mastication is an example of __________.

Ans: Mechanical Digestion

Ques No.5: A six feet tall lady can see her full image in a __________.

Ans: three feet plane Mirror

Ques No.6: The unit that co-ordinates different devices of the computer system are __________.

Ans: Control Unit

Ques No.7: The three colours combination which produces the sensation of white light is ________.

Ans: Red, Green and Blue

Ques No.8: The cell structure that controls movements of material into and out of the cell is ______.

Ans: Cell Membrane

Ques No.9: The hormone secreted by adrenal cortex is _________

Ans: Corticosteroids (Cortisol & aldosterone)

Ques No.10: _______ is a carbohydrate.

Ans: Glycogen

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