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Privacy statement for gomcqs:

Following under stated points describes over privacy policy:

  • It’s not our policy to collect user’s personal data, in case if user rectify us so we just keep name for to distinguish users.
  • We remember user’s visits only for statistics and improvement purpose.
  • Privacy and security settings protect us if any misuse attempt occur from user.


Our website uses cookies as almost every site does. It is just for the sake of speed and users ease. Yes we acknowledge it also improves over site’s speed, on the other hand we advertise on the basis of cookies and provides updates to you for each and every thing that you like. Our site is free, we advertise on the basis of cookies and pay bills, cookies help us keep the site free.
We don’t use cookies to collect your sensitive information like cell phone number etc.

Contacting the Web Site:

For any questions and query about privacy details and cookies, please contact:

Email:  [email protected]

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